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Customer Satisfaction  matters for all , Here are some of our customers voices ……

Sameer Desai, Pune says …..

Very nice products, good quality and packing. Must try these products, mixed pickle, gulkand, gur chana, chips etc all are very nice. try the samples in the first order and order those. Something different.
DINESH BABU,Bengaluru Cmmented …….
Products are quite amazing. Products are Healthy and tasty which is usually a rare combination. Very nice high quality products. Kids love them.
“I have tried Pickles from Simply Naturos , found real traditional taste as per expectation , also small packing is good .
“My kids like Roasted Gur til makahana very much , their Forest Honey is really natural taste “.
I have tried Rajma & Ragi chips Both were amazing , amla chatpati candies also very nice , you will feel eating once have one candy .
Excellent products.. Roasted gur Chana was very different from regular sweet snacks , Chatpati amla candy is great in taste , even tried famous ragi Chips .Nice rage of snacks & condiments , yet to try Pickles . unlike the other these are very pocket friendly too for the quality provided.
Shiv Prakash, Bengaluru commented …
Ordered roasted gur chana, jaggery, honey and some other snacks. The products are genuine as they are shown. Thanks for introducing home delivery
Arun kumar, Bengaluru Says …
Extremely professional services, range of healthy products, on time delivery and excellent product quality. Have used majority of their products, my personal favourites being roasted gur til makhana, ragi chips and nachos! I would strongly recommend Simply Naturos to everyone!

Vinay Kumar, Bengaluru Says…

Tried herbal jaggery, really nice & good for health ,using regularly….Very nice products… Best price

Naveen Dhanker, Gurgaon Says …
Very nice quality healthy & tasty both even packaging is of international standards.

Viji Nambiar, Kerla Says ….
Mango pickle with seed & Heeng are really traditional, roasted pizza sticks were awesome. Nice collection of snacks 

Bhuvanendra Singh, New Delhi  Says ..
Found a balance of healthy & tasty food products – love to order ragi & corn chips again. My parents like amla & ginger candies .

Gaurav Mehta, Bhopal Comented….
The pickle taste is awesome. Taste of corn chips and spinach chips are very good and crispy


DEV KUMAR NATH, Chennai Says ..
Chips Menu is really very different, love corn & Ragi, even Periperi Nachos are very Crunchy & amazing in taste. Would love to order again.


Ankur Bose, Kolkata commented …
Healthy Chatpati & sweet Amla candies are really awesome , my parents love Amla & ginger candies & Herbal Jaggery. Kids love corn chips & Roasted Gur til Makhana .Almost we tried ranges of ur chips , pickles yet to taste . Good range of products with great packaging .

Pankaj Acharya, Mumbai says ..
Herbal Jaggery Powder and Jaggery Powder taste found as Natural Taste. Good Products we would like to use other products also……

Sampada Joshi, Bengaluru says ..
I love Gur til makhana , Mirchi pickles were awesome , got the ghar ka swad , Healthy & tasty products .

Anup Gujarathi, Pune  Says…
Amazing list of products with all aspects of taste, quality, quantity, packaging, pricing, nutrient content, etc. Nutritious and Healthy product list. A superb startup by a true hospitality professional and buddying entrepreneur. Way to go with these super delightful and mouth watering products. Must Try each and every product of Simply Naturos. A loyal customer and a big fan of Simply Naturos products and eagerly waiting for all new upcoming products from the house of Simply Naturos…

laxman yaram, Hyderababad says ..
Amazing Products by Simply Naturos… Unique assortment.. Forest Honey/Natural Jaggery/Carrot and Palak Chips was at its best… And for sure will try other assortment. Thankyou Simply Naturos for giving good quality/unique & tasty products.

Praveen kumar bs, Bengaluru says …
Very good product

REM SINGHA, Guwahati Says ….
Taste of pickles specially mango & jackfruit was homely , Tomato & Periperi Nachos are nice & crunchy , overall excellent quality products ,Packaging of all products are decent & eco friendly .


  • sampada.suresh19 Reply


    I had ordered Stuff Green & Red Chilli Pickle- Its very tasty & stuffed chili had seen for the 1st time so very Happy about the product.

    All kinds chips are very tasty- 2 packs are already over, Makhana is a fun to eat with caramelized flavour
    Finger chips are also exciting to eat as substitute to papad so please introduce the product.

    I have liked the products very much.


    August 29, 2021 at 5:09 pm
    • Agni Reply

      Dear Ms. Sampada,

      Thank you for your order with us and valuable feedback ,

      We are glad to hear from you about our products and hoping your order again in future .

      Team Simply Naturos

      August 29, 2021 at 9:03 pm
  • Arshi Reply

    Simply Naturos products were amazing, the Peri Peri Nachoes were very tasty crispy ?, The ? Corn chips were very healthy, tasty , yummy ? , And the Caramel Makhanna were very Healthy and Delicious ? , people also must try the Herbal Jagerry Gur powder ,pupil will never find all such amazing tasty products, Worth buying and people feel like buying repeatedly…Amazing , the best important thing it is very healthier to the kids at home whose stomach always craving to eat and the best snacks for the snack hunting kids .Must try the The Achaar an Murabba where you feel the flavour of your Grand Mother preparation.

    September 15, 2021 at 11:20 pm
    • naturos Reply

      Thank you Ms Arshi for your order and sharing such wonderful feedback , hope we will be blessed with your order again in future .

      Team Simply Naturos .

      September 15, 2021 at 11:35 pm
  • naturos Reply

    Sameer Desai

    Very nice products, good quality and packing. Must try these products, mixed pickle, gulkand, gur chana, chips etc all are very nice. try the samples in the first order and order those. Something different.

    December 4, 2021 at 3:33 pm

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