Mango Chutney


Kache Aam Ki Chutney
Peeled Mangoes shreds are mixed with sugar, spices, and dry fruits and kept in sunlight until the sugar dissolves and a clear syrup forms, as is traditional with Kache Aam ki chutney.Once the chutney is ready, it gives the Khatta, Mitha & Chatpata flavor due to its preparation & combination of spices.


100% Vegetarian
Speciality Swet & Sour
Ingredients Peeled Mango ,Sugar ,Salt, Red Chili powder, Black pepper, Cardamom pieces, Dry fruits ,Spices & Condiments . Acidity regulator INS-330 .Permitted Class II preservatives (E-211)

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250 gm


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Pure Veg , Fresh ingredients & Traditional preparation .