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Jaggery Powder -Standup Ziplock Pouch


Gur Powder
Jaggery ,also known as “Gur,” is a sugarcane product that is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indian kitchens to add sweetness to meals. It has been used in a variety of meals as well as in the diet for centuries. Due to sugar’s dominance in the market in few decades , its relevance was declined. Also we often ignore jaggery’s multiple health benefits, such as improving hemoglobin levels and purifying the blood, aiding in bodily cleaning as a natural cleaner, activating digestive enzymes, and encouraging bowel movements. But past few years , Jaggery is replacing sugar in our Kitchen .

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100% Vegetarian
Speciality Traditional & Healthy
Ingredients Sugarcane Syrup

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Weight .400 kg

400 gm


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Pure Veg , Natural, Powder form - Easy to mix with Water, Tea & Milk.