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Jackfruit Pickle-Standup Ziplock Pouch


Kathal(Jackfruit)Ka Achaar
Jackfruits(Kathal) are known as super fruits, luscious pickles with great flavor and health benefits. When Mango and Jackfruit  are combined, the flavor is unique, and both are readily available during the same season.

A similar combination is brought to you by Simply Naturos in the form of a handcrafted, delectable, authentic pickle that will improve the flavor of your meal.

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100% Vegetarian
Speciality Natural Taste – No Onion/ Garlic
Ingredients Jackfruit pieces, Raw Mango, Turmeric powder, Red chili powder, Fenugreek,Iodised Salt, Mustard oil , Spices & condiments . Acidity regulator (E-330 & 260).Permitted class II preservative (E-224).

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200 gm


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200 gm Pure Veg , Fresh ingredients & Ghar jaisa Swad