Gulab ka Murabba
“Gulquand:- Made from handpicked DAMASK Rose petals and preserved in sugar named Gulquand, the literary definition of ‘Gul’ is ‘rose’ and ‘qand’ means ‘sweet.’ Because of its cooling characteristics, it is commonly used in a variety of Indian beverages. It’s commonly served in Paans, and it has a distinct flavor. Because of Gulqand, the legendary Banarasi ‘Paan’ is recognised all over the world for its sweetness. Some of health benefits includes:

* it improves gut health and acts as a digestive.

* it is a powerful antioxidant and a great rejuvenator.

* it detoxifies the body and helps clear out the skin.

* it is effective against menstrual pain.

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100% Vegetarian
Speciality Sweet
Ingredients Rose flower, Cane sugar. Acidity Regulator(INS-330). Permitted Class II preservatives (E-211)

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500 gm


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Pure Veg , Fresh ingredients & Traditional preparation .