Murabba is an Arabic term that refers to a savoury or sweet jam Pickle or Achaar that is popular in various parts of North India, Pakistan, Iran, and other parts of the world. It’s typically sweet, made with raw Mangoes/Damask Rose petals/Indian Gooseberry -sugar and spices. There are several health benefits of our listed Murabba if taken in limited quantity .

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    Amla Ka Murabba
    Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, it is a fruit that has several health advantages. It aids in the enhancement of immunity, the maintenance of cholesterol levels, digestive benefits, and anti-aging qualities. It is most commonly eaten in the form of ‘Murabba’, which is sweet balls of Amla cooked deliciously in sugar syrup.

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    Gulab ka Murabba
    “Gulquand:- Made from handpicked DAMASK Rose petals and preserved in sugar named Gulquand, the literary definition of ‘Gul’ is ‘rose’ and ‘qand’ means ‘sweet.’ Because of its cooling characteristics, it is commonly used in a variety of Indian beverages. It’s commonly served in Paans, and it has a distinct flavor. Because of Gulqand, the legendary Banarasi ‘Paan’ is recognised all over the world for its sweetness. Some of health benefits includes:

    * it improves gut health and acts as a digestive.

    * it is a powerful antioxidant and a great rejuvenator.

    * it detoxifies the body and helps clear out the skin.

    * it is effective against menstrual pain.

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    Kache Aam Ki Chutney
    Peeled Mangoes shreds are mixed with sugar, spices, and dry fruits and kept in sunlight until the sugar dissolves and a clear syrup forms, as is traditional with Kache Aam ki chutney.Once the chutney is ready, it gives the Khatta, Mitha & Chatpata flavor due to its preparation & combination of spices.