Gur/Jaggery powder is an excellent and naturally healthy sweetener. Gur powder is golden brown in colour and made from sugarcane ,contains a high concentration of sucrose; having distinct flavor, healthier alternative of sugar. Jaggery serves as a detox because it aids in the cleansing of the liver by removing harmful toxins from the body also aids in the development of better immunity by increasing resistance to infections.

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    Herbal Gur Powder
    Vitamin C is abundant in herbal sugarcane jaggery. It’s made up of the following components. Sugarcane Syrup, Amla, Dry Ginger, pepper, Betel leaves, Cardamom , Tulsi, Ajwain Leaves ,Thuthuvallai leafs, Avarampoo & Thiruneetrupachilai are some of the ingredients.

    • Advised to mix with hot water, Milk & Tea preperations .
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    Gur Powder
    Jaggery ,also known as “Gur,” is a sugarcane product that is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indian kitchens to add sweetness to meals. It has been used in a variety of meals as well as in the diet for centuries. Due to sugar’s dominance in the market in few decades , its relevance was declined. Also we often ignore jaggery’s multiple health benefits, such as improving hemoglobin levels and purifying the blood, aiding in bodily cleaning as a natural cleaner, activating digestive enzymes, and encouraging bowel movements. But past few years , Jaggery is replacing sugar in our Kitchen .