One of the most delectable delicacies is foxnut, commonly known as Makhana in Hindi, lotus seeds in English . Makhana cultivation originated in the Madhubani district of Bihar,also wonderful thing about these puffed lotus seeds is that they are not only delicious, but also healthy.Simply Naturos only included distinct flavores here, some of them are popular among children.

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    Makhana(Foxnut) is an excellent source of several important nutrients and makes a great addition to a healthy, well-rounded diet. A handful of Makhanas every day can keep you looking younger, keep blood pressure in control and make your skin glow. The catch is they should not be consumed as a fried snack. So Simply Naturos added in the cart roasted Makhana along Jaggery & sesame seeds to make it more tasty for you.  The presence of antioxidants in Makhanas makes them even better for digestive health. They also help in the prevention of excessive and frequent urination. This flavor is most loving products in all category ,liked by all age snacks lovers .